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Disciplining Children – A Reminder For Parents?

Nobody every said that parenting was easy, but I don’t remember too many people talking about how much of a reminder it is for us as parents. Sure, we can think back to what it might have been like to be a child and on the receiving end of discipline, but that’s not what occurred [...]

Book Review: 1-2-3 Magic

Our son is generally well behaved, but sometimes exhibits behavior that is unacceptable. Being young parents, we didn’t have extensive experience to draw upon, and often found ourselves simply threatening (and making good the promise) to take away toys when he misbehaved.

Wanting to enjoy our kids more led us to solicit recommendations from family [...]

Direct Communication

Note: I feel it necessary to indicate here that this post is a (poor) attempt at a humorous approach to a sometimes serious subject. Feel free to leave comments, but do so knowing that it was never my intent to offend, just to have a little fun with stereotypes and my relationship with my wife. [...]