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More Work On The Site

Last night and this morning I’ve continued to put in time getting the site looking and acting the way that I’d like. Here’s a breakdown of the latest:

Disabled the Post Teaser plug-in. That wasn’t for misbehavior, but just to try out a slightly different landing page for when visitors hit the site. Then, I [...]

Further Updates To The Blog

Today I finally found some time to get to my blog’s “things I’d like to do” task list. They have included:

Logging back into Technorati.com, updating my profile, adding tags to my account, uploading a picture, etc. Adding a Technorati sidebar widget to my blog. Adding a picture to my About page. Creating sub-categories within [...]

More Updates To ThoughtfulConsideration.com

Today I’ve continued with testing, research and updates. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

FTP-ed the page.php file back over to my template. I renamed the existing file after downloading a copy to my home computer so I have a backup of the previous version. In this case I neglected to upload the updated page.php file to [...]

Latest Changes To ThoughtfulConsideration.com

Today has been a day of research and action resulting in quite a few updates to this blog and related accounts. Some of those changes include:

Turning off comments and making the form completely disappear. Despite the fact that documentation seems to indicate that one of the admin options should have handled this for me, [...]

Performancing – A Test Drive Test Post

Performancing.com has a nice Firefox extension that provides an alternative interface for drafting and publishing posts. It may be especially helpful for those folks who regularly post to multiple blogs.

The interface is easy to look at though I haven’t explored all of the available features. It appears to save some kind of a version [...]