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Checking In After My Sabbatical

I apologize for taking so much time off. Originally I hadn’t expected to even break for the holidays, but things got really crazy. We ended up all trying this year’s version of the 24-hour bug, my mother-in-law visited (which I genuinely enjoyed), and my son had to be taken to the ER Christmas evening with [...]

Funny Christmas Tradition

My family is atypical in many ways, and what I’m about to share is one more reason to believe that claim. We exchange gifts like most people who celebrate Christmas, but there’s always at least one gift that shows up for each person from a local (to my parents) thrift store.

There’s a wide variety [...]

Merry (belated) Christmas!

I wish a very merry (albeit belated) Christmas to you and yours! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, simply take it as I receive other’s holiday greetings: as a sincere and respectful well wishing.

This holiday season has been an eventful one for us complete with 24-hour bugs (that left us in bed or on the [...]

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

Silicon Valley Blogger (AKA Curly Tree) at TheDigeratiLife.com tagged me along with several other bloggers including Steve at Steve-Olson.com, Frugal at My First Million At 33, Henry at Binary Dollar, and The Sun from The Sun’s Financial Diary. I’m new enough to the blogosphere that I had to ask her what that meant . . [...]

A Miniature Example Of Scope Creep

The men’s organization that I belong to asked me to draft a newsletter that would include some basic elements including a message, upcoming calendar events, and other miscellaneous content. The requirements were originally fairly simple, but I wanted to come up with something that was visually appealing and that desire converted the 60-minute exercise into [...]