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What Kind Of Accent Do You Have?

This was a silly little quiz that I came across but enjoyed taking it nonetheless. There are two distinct disadvantages to this particular quiz:

It’s supposedly evaluating your accent but it’s a written test in which your perceptions determine the outcome (rather than an unbiased listener). The questions are so few that the accuracy of [...]

Everybody Has At Least One

From the title you might have expected that I was alluding to the comparison that people make between an anatomical feature and excuses. If that were the case, I’d have finished with, “and they all stink.” What I’m referring to is a little different, though my reason for writing about them is a personal frustration.


Funquee Werds

Though I am no English language scholar of note, some words and their use or misuse rub me the wrong way. This post will be updated as other words come to mind, and please offer your own additions as I have likely missed a number of obvious, common errors.

Some words are simply mispronounced (there’s [...]