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Early Christmas Present

After several years of “making do” with our HP Photosmart 735, we decided to upgrade to the Canon Powershot S3. Every reviewer loved it, and so far we like it too. I read as much as I could about it online, and decided that it was a fairly worthy tightwad alternative to a digital SLR. [...]

Great Christmas Present Idea (For Two Reasons)

I was reading Ideas For A “Debt-Free Christmas”: Relatives over at NoCreditNeeded.com and I think they’ve really hit on something with the photo CDs for parents and grandparents. This is a great gift that they’ll really enjoy, and it’s fairly inexpensive.

This year, burn a CD for each set of parents and grandparents with [...]

Autostitch – Simple Panoramas For Everyone!

Amateur photographers looking for a quick way to create panoramas from a series of photos should give AutoStitch a shot. It does quite well with minimal user intervention, but those who desire extensive control over the minute details should look elsewhere.

Here’s the quick version of how to create a panorama using AutoStitch:

Take a [...]

How to Organize Digital Photos

During the four-plus years of owning a digital camera, we’ve accumulated about nine gigabytes of pictures. That’s not an excessive amount of space (we don’t take too many pictures and our cameras were only two and three mega pixels), but it is a lot of individual pictures. If they were all in one large folder, [...]