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Redneck Humor

These cracked me up. I hope you enjoy them as well!


Funny People

You may have heard some of these before; I’m pretty sure that I had. They still elicited an out-loud laugh from me, so it seemed reasonable to believe that you might enjoy them too.

Even though I don’t consider these true stories (they came from one of the e-mails that circulate on the internet), they’re [...]

What Kind Of Accent Do You Have?

This was a silly little quiz that I came across but enjoyed taking it nonetheless. There are two distinct disadvantages to this particular quiz:

It’s supposedly evaluating your accent but it’s a written test in which your perceptions determine the outcome (rather than an unbiased listener). The questions are so few that the accuracy of [...]

Managing Vast Quantities Of E-mail

In today’s world of easy, voluminous communication and cheap storage which facilitates lengthy retention periods, it’s hard not to become crushed beneath the sheer weight of personalized information in the form of e-mail. I have spent several hours over the last two days shuffling through literally hundreds and hundreds of e-mail messages in both personal [...]

Checking In After My Sabbatical

I apologize for taking so much time off. Originally I hadn’t expected to even break for the holidays, but things got really crazy. We ended up all trying this year’s version of the 24-hour bug, my mother-in-law visited (which I genuinely enjoyed), and my son had to be taken to the ER Christmas evening with [...]