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Talk To Other People About Finance

Inspired by The Weight Of Money’s Start Conversations About Money and the conclusion of Ask Uncle Bill’s Don’t Read This By Suze, I started just leaving comments on their posts and instead decided to expand my thoughts into a full post.

The Weight Of Money has it right when they say that we need to [...]

Give Kids’ Retirement A Strong Push

Kids say the darndest things. They also do the darndest things, especially with their money. What a shame it is that the youngest people — who have the most to gain in the long term from savings and investing — are the least likely to have money to set aside for retirement. Well, that’s where [...]

Retirement Accounts And Personal Net Worth

Recently I realized that my wife and I have not contributed to our Roth IRAs yet this year. Back in March or April we threw our entire tax refund at the IRAs which was better than nothing, but it wasn’t really enough. We didn’t come close to maxing out our contributions for 2005, and we [...]

Retirement Account Recommendations

Our metro area has a radio show hosted by a nationally recognized top investment advisor, and I finally got through this weekend.

We have a small amount of money in a 401k program sponsored by (but unfortunately not contributed to) my employer. Of the available funds, she recommended dividing our investments in that account equally [...]