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End-Of-Year Personal Finance To-Do List

Silicon Valley Blogger over at TheDigeratiLife.com has a great list of tasks that she is hoping to complete before (or just after) year’s end. I hope she won’t mind, but I’m going to copy her list and include thoughts (for my family’s situation) below each one.

Review our credit card report and checking account expense [...]

Passive Income Snowball

What’s the best use of passive income? After writing my most recent post, I continued to think about this specific question.

Too many people have multiple sources of consumer debt: car loans, several credit cards with balances, student loans, home equity lines of credit, etc. Paying off debt by making only the minimum monthly [...]

Freedom Through Passive Income

I’m with you. Enough already about how great passive income is and how we should all be earning more of it! Because I’m constantly mulling things over, today I dedicated some thought to how passive income provides freedom.

Most of the time people talk about how that freedom is the ability to quit working for [...]

Manage Your Money With Software

Sometimes I wonder how I kept track of my personal finances before using my financial software. Those were simpler times when most of my purchases were either by check or debit card so my check register and other menial approaches were adequate. Now things are more complex with accounts at several banks and credit cards [...]

Tithing: Thinking At The Margins – Part IV

This is Part IV of the six-part series where we discuss real estate, investments, retirement, and insurance. Please remember that my only goal is to help you think through your view of paying a full tithe.

Here are some scenarios with the questions that each raises.

You own a home.

Do you pay tithing on: [...]