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Latest On Domaining

To be honest, it’s still not going as well as I’ve liked. Because of that I’ve decided to make some changes in my approach, hoping that they will turn the tide.

I received an offer through Sedo.com for one of my domains and I counter offered, but I haven’t heard back from them in quite [...]

Passive Income Snowball

What’s the best use of passive income? After writing my most recent post, I continued to think about this specific question.

Too many people have multiple sources of consumer debt: car loans, several credit cards with balances, student loans, home equity lines of credit, etc. Paying off debt by making only the minimum monthly [...]

Freedom Through Passive Income

I’m with you. Enough already about how great passive income is and how we should all be earning more of it! Because I’m constantly mulling things over, today I dedicated some thought to how passive income provides freedom.

Most of the time people talk about how that freedom is the ability to quit working for [...]

eBooks For Fun And Profit

Yesterday I read You Can Earn A Fortune Creating And Marketing Your Own Ebooks which has some great ideas. Not only that, but the blog has a tremendous amount of motivational information and advice for helping people get started (check out all the links at the very bottom).

The idea of writing a book has [...]

Domaining Update

In an attempt to setup a means of earning passive income, I’ve ventured into investing in domain names. The ride (after a little less than 30 days) has been different from what I had expected, but that shouldn’t be too surprising since I didn’t know too much about it when I started buying domain names.