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End-Of-Year Personal Finance To-Do List

Silicon Valley Blogger over at TheDigeratiLife.com has a great list of tasks that she is hoping to complete before (or just after) year’s end. I hope she won’t mind, but I’m going to copy her list and include thoughts (for my family’s situation) below each one.

Review our credit card report and checking account expense [...]

Great Christmas Present Idea (For Two Reasons)

I was reading Ideas For A “Debt-Free Christmas”: Relatives over at NoCreditNeeded.com and I think they’ve really hit on something with the photo CDs for parents and grandparents. This is a great gift that they’ll really enjoy, and it’s fairly inexpensive.

This year, burn a CD for each set of parents and grandparents with [...]

Manage Your Money With Software

Sometimes I wonder how I kept track of my personal finances before using my financial software. Those were simpler times when most of my purchases were either by check or debit card so my check register and other menial approaches were adequate. Now things are more complex with accounts at several banks and credit cards [...]

Talk To Other People About Finance

Inspired by The Weight Of Money’s Start Conversations About Money and the conclusion of Ask Uncle Bill’s Don’t Read This By Suze, I started just leaving comments on their posts and instead decided to expand my thoughts into a full post.

The Weight Of Money has it right when they say that we need to [...]

Your Opportunity Cost

University business professors and people in general love to talk about opportunity cost. The semi-rhetorical question, “Should Bill Gates mow his own lawn?” is the tried and true lead-in to a lengthy discussion of how much he makes per year, then per day, and finally per hour. Inevitably the professor and students conclude that if [...]