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Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

Silicon Valley Blogger (AKA Curly Tree) at TheDigeratiLife.com tagged me along with several other bloggers including Steve at Steve-Olson.com, Frugal at My First Million At 33, Henry at Binary Dollar, and The Sun from The Sun’s Financial Diary.
I’m new enough to the blogosphere that I had to ask her what that meant . . .

  1. Here’s a boring one that is nonetheless true: there’s a pile of 8-10 personal finance-related books that I desperately want to read but haven’t been able to make time for yet.
  2. I had long hair in high school. During two years I spent in the Dominican Republic, I sometimes showed people a picture of me just before I cut my hair. One of my buddies got a kick out of telling people that it was actually my sister. On more than one occasion the response was, “No offense, but you’ve got a really ugly sister!”
  3. One spring during college I was the Easter bunny at the local mall. It was really hot and scratchy, but it paid better than my job on campus in the computer labs.
  4. ThoughtfulConsideration.com was made possible by a car accident a few months ago that I’m still recovering from. I would never have found the time to get it going otherwise, and on the other side of things, my recovery has been better because of it.
  5. My 1989 Toyota Camry (that was totaled when the guy pulled out in front of me on his red light) had more than 280,000 miles on it and still had more life in it. In fact, we didn’t even get the car until it was lightly broken in at 175,000 miles! I do a fair amount of my own car repairs, and had personally (and single-handedly) replaced a variety of components including the clutch and front axles.

One more thing about me is that I’m with Henry at Binary Dollar, “I love the idea of starting a company but I’m too scared to do it.”

I’m tagging:

  • David at HowDoPeopleGetRich.com
  • Derrich at Derrich.com
  • Angel Chen at TheUsefulBlog.com
  • Robyn Tippins at SleepyBlogger.com (thought I’m voting her least likely to respond because she’s so busy!)
  • Halli at TrishAndHalli.com

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