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Test Driving A New Theme

I love the simplicity of my previous theme Misty Look but I’ve really wanted to have three columns to work with. I’m test driving TripleK2 and so far I think I like it.

Here’s what it’s got going for it:

  • A cool javascript navigation slider at the top that lets visitors drag the button to go forward and back in my posts.
  • Text over my original picture which I put in place of the original one.
  • The colors are nice and I like the contrast between the links and the post text. Misty Look used a dark green for links which was very similar to the post text.

Here’s what I’m not particularly fond of:

  • The excruciatingly slow page loads. To partially mitigate this problem I followed these instructions over at TheUsefulBlog.com which cut page loads down to around 13 seconds (from almost 60!).
  • The bullets to the side of my link categories
  • The fact that it doesn’t display the hierarchy of my categories

As with any theme change, I have a number of customizations that I’ll have to bring over from my previous theme, but hopefully that won’t be too bad or take too long. That’s just part of the fun, right? The “moving in.”

8 comments to Test Driving A New Theme

  • I *thought* your original theme was based off of MistyLook since mine is (with a few minor tweaks). I know what you mean about wanting 3 columns!

    You may have already discovered this, but your Recent Posts don’t link to anything. You get a “No posts matched your criteria” error message.

    I thought readers’ comments had disappeared and then saw the number next to the title. It could be my screen, but the number is a very faint gray. I work on a laptop with high resolution and lowered brightness (my choice – I don’t like super bright screens) viewed via Foxfire so what I’m seeing is very tiny letters with not that much contrast between the letters and the various backgrounds.

    I find the new theme difficult to read but it may be due to my laptop’s configuration.

    I do like the clean look and will keep reading. Have fun customizing!

  • NLG

    Hey Andy,

    How much traffic do you get from those ranking sites? E.g. Blogernity, Globe of Blogs, Blog Rankings, etc.?

    Currently I’m only on BlogTopSites and Technorati.

  • Mrs. Q.,

    I’m sorry that the new these is difficult to read. If that’s the case for lots of people I will need to change it. That would be too bad because I actually like this one . . .

    Thanks for your input!


  • NLG,

    You pose a great question. I went on quite a registration spree (a couple of times, actually) and signed up for everything I could find. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t done too much to help me.

    To answer your question, I looked at my Google Analytics referrers log and didn’t see any of the specific sources you mentioned. Technorati occasionally does bring someone in, but I haven’t really found any single source that provides a lot of my traffic.


  • I like the new theme alot, Andy. I originally looked for a 3 column as well. Keep it!

  • Update: Much easier to read now. I first saw a shades-of-gray color scheme with white letters on a gray background. The font was tinier as well. I wonder if I caught your changes in between updates.

    I’ve been wondering if I should sign up for Technorati and other ranking sites – your results are making me reconsider. I found your site via BlogCarnival. I forget if you posted or another blogger referenced yours in a comment. Sorry I can’t recall…

    If you posted to the carnival, have you noticed any increase in traffic? I’ve read that posting to carnivals and hosting them can increase traffic as well.

  • Ms. Q,

    Thanks for the update on how easy the theme is to read – I’m pleased to hear that the one I’m using is better than the one you previously saw!

    If you don’t sign up for anything else, definitely sign up for Technorati.

    ThoughtfulConsideration.com doesn’t just rake in the traffic, but I do see nice bumps from each of the carnivals I participate in. I’m hoping that the upcoming Carnival of Thoughtful Consideration will also increase the number of site visitors.

  • Derrich,

    Thanks for your vote – the “aye’s” have it!

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