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Memo: Julie, Our Employee Of The Month


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Could your parenting skills use some sharpening? Our new Employee of the Month is an expert! As Office Manager of the downstairs office, and A/P-A/R clerk, Julie’s maternal talents keep her happily working alongside her daughter and watching over the numerous male occupants of the office. In more than nine years of motherly duty at our company, Julie has sent countless misbehavers to “time out” and confiscated her share of staplers and super glue. Those are her way of maintaining peace and order in any situation, including all-male crises (just don’t make her clean their bathroom). She is long overdue for this recognition!

In recognition of her outstanding talents and contributions, Julie’s co-workers made the following comments:
• Has assumed additional tasks without missing a beat with recent staffing changes
• Is always cheerful and energetic
• Keeps the company’s interest foremost in her work
• Is a very valuable employee and deserves the recognition this award brings
• Keeps our office running smoothly – don’t know what we’d do without her

With hubby John, Julie lives in the house where she grew up. She is the mother of seven, four boys and three girls. Her tribe continues to expand with 18 grandkids and more on the way. Julie is also a great-grandparent—a distinction no one else at our company can claim. Her brand new great-grandchild is her pride and joy. How can you beat that?

In addition to spending time with her family, Julie also loves gardening and camping. She’s still working on him, but thus far her boss won’t add a new bullet point in her job description: You will be paid for days spent fishing at Birch Creek. (Maybe our IT department could figure out how to get wireless internet out to the river. . .) Julie’s love of science fiction and fantasy novels qualifies her as a genuine Trekkie (well, that plus her extensive collection of Star Trek paraphernalia and long-term crush on both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart). She can often be heard saying, “Beam me up Scotty, there’s no sign of intelligent life down here!” Fortunately for us her request will never be granted because Julie is a wonderful colleague and an obvious choice for this award.

Please take a minute to congratulate Julie and remind her how much we enjoy working with her.

I am attaching our press release that announces this special honor.

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