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Leather Coats

For those of you who are opposed to leather clothing, you can stop right here. You’ll never purchase a leather coat, so you have no reason to give it further thought.

The rest of us have probably considered purchasing (or have purchased) a leather coat at some point in our lives. I’m personally partial to one from J. Crew, but the $350 price tag has helped me to avoid bringing one home.

Today my wife mentioned that she’d like to get a leather coat, and I opined that it wasn’t a very practical thing to buy. Since we give ourselves each an annual clothing budget/allowance, she can get one if she really wants to.

Compared to those made from other materials, leather coats are usually more expensive, delicate, difficult to clean, and stylized. If I don’t have a lot of extra cash, why would I want to pay a premium for a product that is in many ways inferior to its alternatives?

As one data point, Mom and Dad both have leather coats from years ago. They hang in my parents’ front hall closet and are the most beautiful, expensive coats that they have ever owned. The tailoring and finish have unfortunately gone out of style, so it’s unlikely that they’ll be worn any time soon. Some might point to the fact that the leather coats are still in great shape, especially for how long ago they were purchased. It’s important to note however, that their condition is not a result attentive care, but rather of hanging in the closet for several decades!

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Depending on where you live, there are only a couple of months out of the year when it’s necessary to wear a jacket. And even if it is cool outside, there are only a few times when you might want to wear a leather coat. They’re not very practical for working on the car, shoveling (or playing in the) snow, or a host of other activities you’re likely to engage in during the wintertime. You’d probably only wear it when you’re going out for the evening

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