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Resume Keywords Trick

The last thing you need is an HR person (or worse yet – an automated system) pre-disqualifying you for a position because of details in a job description they don’t really understand. Some hiring managers include an alphabet soup of certifications and list optional qualifications when submitting the request to HR.Because of the high volume [...]

Peace Through Reduced Clutter

Some people have a talent for minimalism. They buy what they need, use what they buy, and dispose of what they don’t use. Unfortunately, we’re not “some” people.

Don’t get me wrong — we’re not packrats. We shop only sales and look for items at yard and garage sales, but we’ve finally passed a point [...]

eBooks For Fun And Profit

Yesterday I read You Can Earn A Fortune Creating And Marketing Your Own Ebooks which has some great ideas. Not only that, but the blog has a tremendous amount of motivational information and advice for helping people get started (check out all the links at the very bottom).

The idea of writing a book has [...]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5

You won’t notice any difference unless there’s a problem, but I finally broke down and upgraded from WordPress 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 only a month after it came out. I let my mom’s blog be the guinea pig (don’t tell her I said so!) and everything went smoothly, so I decided to take the plunge.

First [...]

Great Christmas Present Idea (For Two Reasons)

I was reading Ideas For A “Debt-Free Christmas”: Relatives over at NoCreditNeeded.com and I think they’ve really hit on something with the photo CDs for parents and grandparents. This is a great gift that they’ll really enjoy, and it’s fairly inexpensive.

This year, burn a CD for each set of parents and grandparents with [...]