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More Work On The Site

Last night and this morning I’ve continued to put in time getting the site looking and acting the way that I’d like. Here’s a breakdown of the latest:

  • Disabled the Post Teaser plug-in. That wasn’t for misbehavior, but just to try out a slightly different landing page for when visitors hit the site. Then, I switched it back on.
  • Tried (for the first time) using the “more” tag in one of my long posts, but it worked exactly opposite the way I had hoped it would. I wanted to split the post on the single post view page, but it didn’t. I wanted the Post Teaser to show roughly the first 100 words on the main (multiple posts), but the “more” tag overrode those settings and intstead put the “Read the full post here” link where the “more” tag was located in the post.
  • Added code to the top and bottom of my index.php to include 468×60 Google Adsense banners. There’s still more to be done, but they’re looking essentially how I’d like them to.
  • Added Google Adsense code to the plug-in Adsense-Deluxe so that I can start including a 300×250 block inline with the content. I also went through all of my archived posts and added this block.
  • Signed up for CrazyEgg.com‘s free service and added the code to my site. There’s not enough data yet for it to be helpful at all, so I’m anxiously awaiting what they have to say. I put the code in just where their instructions indicated, but I’m a little afraid that it might not be functioning properly.
  • Also signed up for SiteMeter.com‘s free service. It’s similar to Google Analytics (which I already had), but getting a second opinion seemed like a good idea.
  • Worked on trying to resolve an error with sending e-mails from my e-mail address @ThoughtfulConsideration.com, thusfar without success.
  • Checked out my page ranking on Technorati.com – I’m currently 840,738 with a total of three links. We’re going to have to work on that.
  • Checked out my page ranking on Alexa.com – I’m not currently in the top 100,000.

My next post will be more “thoughtful” and less “admin”.

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