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More Updates To ThoughtfulConsideration.com

Today I’ve continued with testing, research and updates. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

    • FTP-ed the page.php file back over to my template. I renamed the existing file after downloading a copy to my home computer so I have a backup of the previous version. In this case I neglected to upload the updated page.php file to my server so the pages were reverting to the post template, which was not what I wanted.
    • My contact form needed testing. The e-mail that it sends me isn’t the prettiest, but it performed as expected and will be adequate.
    • The “e-mail this post to a friend” page didn’t have everything I was looking for.
      • I felt that there needed to be a little more instruction for the image verification functionality towards the bottom. It was tough to locate the offending .php file, so I ended up modifying wp-email-popup.php and wp-email.php files. The latter was the one I needed.
      • The other complaint I had was that the sidebar and widgets were dropping below the e-mail form which appeared to be a problem with how wide one of the e-mail form fields was. Tinkering with the CSS proved that the text area width alone wasn’t to blame. I downloaded the resulting page sources and compared them using KDiff (which I felt was a useful tool). I used KDiff again to check the CSS to see if that was to blame, but that didn’t appear to be the problem either. This is still on the agenda for tomorrow.
    • Deactivated a number of plugins that I either tried and didn’t like or uploaded but didn’t have a chance to try. Hopefully that will slightly speed up page loads.
    • Re-did the Google Adsense search code on their website (to have it default to searching my website) and pasted the code exactly as it was given to me.

I promise that I’ll soon get back to more interesting posts. I just really want to knock off a couple of tasks relating to the technical and functionality aspects of the site and then my focus will return to interesting articles. Thanks for your patience!

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