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Latest Changes To ThoughtfulConsideration.com

Today has been a day of research and action resulting in quite a few updates to this blog and related accounts. Some of those changes include:

    • Turning off comments and making the form completely disappear. Despite the fact that documentation seems to indicate that one of the admin options should have handled this for me, I had to edit my index.php and comment out the offending PHP code. Editing the page.php was also necessary because the call to the comments function was included there too.
    • Adding the links and icons from Feedburner for all the various RSS reader/aggregator services. It took a little while to accomplish that, but I’m pleased with the way that it looks. Ultimately I ended up copying and pasting the code from Feedburner.com and using an unnumbered list for each of the icons. That gave me the spacing and indentation I was looking for. I’m not overly pleased that some of them are animated .gifs, but it doesn’t bother me enough to make me take action.
    • Designing an icon in Adobe Photoshop then using http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/ to create the file and code I’d need to add it to my website.

Several days ago I made the following changes:

    • Reduced the number of print and e-mail icons to one each, and included those links at the top and bottom of each post. They’re still easily accessible, but less obtrusive. I also changed the text that is displayed near them and put them on the same line as the date and author name.
    • Added and customized Social Bookmarklets Bar. Unfortunately it didn’t have a nice, clean config page, but the documentation wasn’t too bad. Eventually I got it showing up pretty well (I’d have preferred to have the text and icons on the same line) and it’s adequate for my present needs.
    • Fixed the display problems with the Google Adsense search box just above the shot of Yellowstone Lake. Actually, I’m going to give credit where it’s due: my buddy Jason helped me isolate the problem and between the two of us we got it.

That’s the rundown of the recent activity and there will be more soon. I have a number of tasks I’d like to complete and then it’ll be a matter of getting the word out.

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